Jenna Burkert

U.S. Army, Wrestling

Jenna Burkert grew up in Rocky Point, NY and kept active playing lacrosse, soccer, basketball, baseball and wrestling. The reason she started wrestling? At six-years-old, a boy in her class taunted her with a flier saying girls couldn’t wrestle.

The rest is history.


Now being a SGT in the U.S. Army, Jenna enjoys being part of something bigger than herself- serving as a soldier while representing the USA as a professional wrestler. 


“I have learned in the Army about discipline and resiliency and that will help with the rest of my life,” said Jenna. 


That discipline has served her well with her sport. Jenna trains twice a day, six days each week. Being such a physically demanding sport, the risk for injury is high. That’s why Jenna uses PowerPlay products. The cold compression products help her prevent injury and soreness so she can get more time on the mat. Overall, the products are improving her career while keeping her healthy. 


“I did have surgery two years ago, I used PowerPlay Ankle Wrap every day on my injury and was back in record time,” said Jenna. “I’m extremely thankful I had it to speed up the process.” 


Outside of her rigorous training schedule, Jenna enjoys hiking, being a coffee addict, and binging Grey’s Anatomy.