Separating The Athlete From The Athletic Trainer

By PowerPlay Guest Blogger Chelsea Martinez I’m an Athletic Trainer. I’m also an amateur jiu-jitsu competitor. Along the course of my jiu-jitsu career I’ve had my fair share of injuries. Broken toes, strained muscles, separated both shoulders, sprained my ankle, and suffered two concussions. I have no UCL in my…

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Project 90: The Final Week

runner on beach

The final week of Project 90 is here. What I’ve learned is invaluable. Everything about the program will go into my bag of tricks. Without having someone with you daily, the program does a superb job of not allowing you to feel like you’re out there on your own. I…

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When you know what not to do but you do it anyway…

Jessica Meyers PowerPlay

By PowerPlay Athlete, Jessica Meyers Most cyclists have heard the expression that there are two types of riders; the ones who have crashed and the ones who are waiting to crash.  I thought about how true this is and how you can take it a step further for endurance athletes;…

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Project 90: A Running Revolution

PowerPlay Sunset

When I saw Gearhead Outfitters starting a program called Project 90 the shivers and chills made their way through my body when I heard echoes of Shaun T and Tony Horton’s voices awaken from my memory. Anytime I see the letter “P” with the number “90” I think of the…

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Recovering From Lateral Epicondylitis, A.K.A. Tennis Elbow

Elbow injuries caused by cycling

The following blog post was the winning submission into our Sports Injury: What the Heck Happened to You Contest. By Dr. Nicole Dorholt It’s not traumatic, and it’s not glamorous, but lateral epicondylitis, a.k.a. tennis elbow, will keep you off your bike just as effectively as any other sports injury…

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What’s In My Bag?

Swag Bag PowerPlay

Are you one of the 20,000 + registered runners for this weekend’s San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon? Check that swag bag for a PowerPlay $100 Gift Card! Wondering what PowerPlay is? It’s the most portable, convenient, affordable cold and compression therapy product available. Visit our recovery tent at the marathon finish…

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A Closer Look at Athletic Recovery Could Increase Performance

By Dr. Donna Krutka, MD All too often athletes ignore their recovery. They compartmentalize their thinking into areas of: training, racing and resting. When you break down the recovery process it becomes clearer why poor recovery leads to poor performance. Let’s list some of the systems of the body that…

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Running Through Foot Pain

Running Feet

The following blog post is a submission into our Sports Injury: What the Heck Happened to You Contest. Please leave a comment on this blog to vote for your support by simply stating, “You got my vote!” For more details on the contest please visit our Official Contest Page. Photo by…

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