Greatest Sports Moments

Jessica Meyers Knoxville

By PowerPlay Athlete Jessica Meyers, Photo by Rev3 Knoxville I am admittedly a sports fanatic.  True, I tend to lean towards the sports geared towards my world—swim, bike, and run.  But I can’t help but love a good sporting event.  Who can ever forget during the 1999 World Cup Final…

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IronMan Arizona Race Report

jessica meyers ironman arizona

  By PowerPlay Athlete Jessica Meyers A week has passed since Ironman Arizona and while I would like to say I’ve been very busy thus delaying my race report, the truth is I just haven’t seemed to find the motivation to write about my experience. First off, I’m not disappointed…

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Project 90: The Final Week

runner on beach

The final week of Project 90 is here. What I’ve learned is invaluable. Everything about the program will go into my bag of tricks. Without having someone with you daily, the program does a superb job of not allowing you to feel like you’re out there on your own. I…

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