How Emotional Health Affects Recovery After ACL Surgery

Many athletes who have undergone ACL surgery recovery would agree that the mental recovery is sometimes worse than the physical. After all, athletes are used to and somewhat expect physical pain, but the long road to recovery can leave many athletes feeling isolated and depressed with a lower self-esteem than…

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Most Common Sports Injuries for Fall Sports

Gel Pack

If you’ve grown up playing sports or have kids who do, you’ve probably had personal experience with sports injuries. According to the organization Stop Sports Injuries (a joint collaboration of various orthopaedic medical associations), high school athletes alone account for “two million injuries, 500,000 doctor visits and over 30,000 hospitalizations…

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The Fastest Road To Recovery

Using Cold Compression Wraps For Shoulder Injuries It can be a long and tedious process to regain full health after a shoulder injury. Dislocated shoulder recovery often takes a few months of focused care and scheduled therapy. For athletes, among others, finding the fastest road to recovery is the ideal…

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Recovering From ACL Surgery Using Cold Compression Knee Wraps

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There are few solutions that provide more immediate results after ACL surgery than a cold compression knee wrap. Cold Compression therapy is a highly-respected, proven approach for reducing swelling after an injury. By applying cold compression, freshly oxygenated blood and vital nutrients are directed toward the damaged tissue, advancing your…

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5 Questions with Gold Medalist Katie Holloway

Q: First of all, congratulations on winning the Gold in Sitting Volleyball! What led you to pursue the sport and how does it feel to bring home a gold medal? A:  I found out about Sitting Volleyball in early 2006 when the Women’s National team came and trained at Cal State…

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The Best Guide for Recovering Faster From an Ankle Injury

Charlie had always been an athlete. At 40-years-old, he decided to take on an ultra-trail run. He was in shape for the race, and he had always been a competitive runner. However, as the race began, it also began raining, and that nice, hard-packed trail turned into straight-up mud. Unfazed,…

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What You Should Know About Dislocated Shoulder Rehab

The shoulder is the body’s most mobile joint, therefore is more predisposed to dislocation –when the head of the upper arm bone pops from the shoulder socket. A dislocated shoulder, although common, is extremely debilitating considering the shoulder joint is so critical to many daily activities. Recovering from a dislocated…

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Zero to Hero: How I Proved My Injury Couldn’t Keep Me Down

Overcoming Injury And Winning

By Dr. Nicole Dorholt, DPT You’ve spent months training for a specific race (and beyond) and what happens the week before you race? Injury. I was on my last big training brick before a race. I was riding down an easy section that I have ridden a million times. Down…

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Recovering From ACL Surgery

  An ACL tear, (or anterior cruciate ligament tear) is a fairly common yet devastating injury for athletes. Tears can happen for a number of reasons – changing direction rapidly, stopping suddenly, landing from a jump incorrectly, or colliding with another athlete. It is possible to recover from this injury…

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Conditioning the Dynamic Pitcher

By Kyle Boddy, Owner, Driveline Baseball At Driveline Baseball, we see a lot of pitchers who are in the late stages of rehabilitation from surgery or serious injury. Our facility and training methods are well known for not embracing the use of passive ice or cold therapy; in fact, we…

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