Zero to Hero: How I Proved My Injury Couldn’t Keep Me Down

Overcoming Injury And Winning

By Dr. Nicole Dorholt, DPT You’ve spent months training for a specific race (and beyond) and what happens the week before you race? Injury. I was on my last big training brick before a race. I was riding down an easy section that I have ridden a million times. Down…

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Greatest Sports Moments

Jessica Meyers Knoxville

By PowerPlay Athlete Jessica Meyers, Photo by Rev3 Knoxville I am admittedly a sports fanatic.  True, I tend to lean towards the sports geared towards my world—swim, bike, and run.  But I can’t help but love a good sporting event.  Who can ever forget during the 1999 World Cup Final…

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To Swim or Not to Swim?


By PowerPlay Athlete, Jessica Meyers That is the question.  How many times do we feel overwhelmed, tired, unmotivated?  The last thing we want to do is pull on a bathing suit and go dive into a cold pool.  We’ve all been there.  We all have stressors.  As my coach likes…

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