Zero to Hero: How I Proved My Injury Couldn’t Keep Me Down

Overcoming Injury And Winning

By Dr. Nicole Dorholt, DPT You’ve spent months training for a specific race (and beyond) and what happens the week before you race? Injury. I was on my last big training brick before a race. I was riding down an easy section that I have ridden a million times. Down…

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The Emotional Toll of Physical Injuries

The Emotional Toll of Physical Injury

By PowerPlay Athlete Jessica Meyers I was asked to write about the emotional side of being injured.  While I’ve had injuries that “hurt” and are generally uncomfortable, the emotional side is far worse than the actual physical pain.  And I don’t believe that is just because it’s my livelihood.  Anytime…

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Change Your Thinking, Change Your Results

By PowerPlay Athlete Jessica Meyers I have sat and thought about what the biggest obstacle is for an elite athlete.  And the reality is it’s probably not much different than your everyday athlete.  I believe everyone has obstacles and difficulties in their life.  There are times when I sit there…

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Greatest Sports Moments

Jessica Meyers Knoxville

By PowerPlay Athlete Jessica Meyers, Photo by Rev3 Knoxville I am admittedly a sports fanatic.  True, I tend to lean towards the sports geared towards my world—swim, bike, and run.  But I can’t help but love a good sporting event.  Who can ever forget during the 1999 World Cup Final…

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Recognizing A Value

PowerPlay Cold and Compression Kit

  By Pro Triathlete Jessica Meyers I was meeting with an athlete I coach and we were discussing power meters and different equipment.  He was trying to find the most cost effective option and finally I just told him that the fact is this is an expensive sport and you’re…

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IronMan Arizona Race Report

jessica meyers ironman arizona

  By PowerPlay Athlete Jessica Meyers A week has passed since Ironman Arizona and while I would like to say I’ve been very busy thus delaying my race report, the truth is I just haven’t seemed to find the motivation to write about my experience. First off, I’m not disappointed…

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Iron Brain

  By PowerPlay Athlete Jessica Meyers This Sunday I loaded up the kids to get out of the house.  I pulled out of my driveway and heard that horrible sound of the back of my car hitting something.  Was it a tree?  A pole?  No, it was my neighbor’s car…

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Race Report From Austin Triathlon

By PowerPlay Athlete Jessica Meyers Last weekend I traveled to Austin for the 70.3.  In 2011 I won this event.  In 2012 I missed it because I was focusing a different race series, the Revolution 3 and it landed on the same weekend as their finale race.  This race is…

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What a Pro Looks Like

Jessica Meyers

By PowerPlay Athlete Jessica Meyers, photo by Nils Nilsen When I first turned professional in triathlon in 2006, I had been accepted to the National Resident Team at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.  I was also still in the Army, but as a new member of a small unit…

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