1. Why is cold and compression therapy better than just cold therapy alone?

Studies have shown that people who use cold therapy and compression therapy together as opposed to just one of those therapies alone recover from their injuries significantly faster. Compression works to push swelling out of the injured site and cold therapy helps reduce pain, making recovery faster and more comfortable.


2. When should I use cold compression therapy?

Cold and compression therapy can be applied to a variety of situations including post-surgical rehabilitation (such as MCL and ACL surgery recovery), injuries such as sprains, fractures, and tears as well as pain and swelling.


3. Why is intermittent (or “active”) compression better than static compression?

Compression alone is shown to be effective in reducing swelling and edema. Active compression, which compresses intermittently, pushes that swelling out of the injured site and to the body’s core so it can be disposed of through the lymphatic system. This type of compression machine also aids in enhancing the body’s blood flow, which helps deliver more oxygen to the injured area.


4. How does cold and compression therapy help reduce pain and swelling?

Intermittent compression reduces swelling by increasing blood flow, which can limit tissue damage and aid in the removal of cellular debris and waste products. Adding cold therapy can help by reducing fluid buildup in the injured area, while also numbing pain.


5. How does the PowerPlay deliver cold and compression?

The PowerPlay cold compression system is easier and more portable than any other cold therapy machine. The compression pump is a hand-held device that hooks up to a variety of joint compression wraps. The joint wraps come with malleable re-freezable gel packs that fit inside the wrap for added cold therapy.


6. What is the therapeutic temperature for cold therapy?

Contrary to an assumption of “the colder, the better,” therapeutic cold has been shown to be between 40 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

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