APTA-affiliated licensed physical therapists share the organization’s commitment to transforming society—and improving the human experience—by optimizing movement. Licensed physical therapists work to improve and restore mobility and strength in their clients, and APTA recognizes that movement is one of the keys to a healthy, high-quality life. Amidst the demands and pressures of today’s hectic, largely sedentary lifestyles, licensed physical therapists are more valuable than ever before.
Licensed physical therapists join APTA because they share the organization’s values: to practice and educate consumers about physical alternatives to medication and surgery. APTA-affiliated, licensed physical therapists empower the public to take steps towards improving its own collective physical well-being—as well as actively reducing health care costs.

APTA members are entitled to significant discounts on national conference registrations, publications, and continuing education programs. APTA offers many other financial APTA-endorsed benefits, as well as access to a range of publications and scholarly materials. Social networking opportunities connect APTA’s 90,000-strong membership across the globe, and offers clinical and practice-based resources, as well as career development guidance.

APTA identifies the principles of Identity, Quality, Collaboration, Value, Innovation, Consumer- centricity, Access/Equity, and Advocacy as those that exemplify the licensed physical therapist’s role. APTA-affiliated, licensed physical therapists work across our society, from within schools and hospitals to military bases. Some travel with sports teams; some volunteer in war or disaster zones. Ultimately, all APTA-affiliated, licensed physical therapists monitor, evaluate, and rehabilitate their clients to facilitate both short- and long-term progress.

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