Pro Athletes: How the Tulsa Roughnecks Uses PowerPlay

See how pro soccer team The Tulsa Roughnecks utilizes our cold compression units to help with pre-and-post-game recovery. When it comes to convenience and value, no competitor has PowerPlay beat. PowerPlay cold compression kits were designed for convenient travel and at home use. These devices offer cold and intermittent compressions…

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How Emotional Health Affects Recovery After ACL Surgery

Many athletes who have undergone ACL surgery recovery would agree that the mental recovery is sometimes worse than the physical. After all, athletes are used to and somewhat expect physical pain, but the long road to recovery can leave many athletes feeling isolated and depressed with a lower self-esteem than…

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Find Chronic Pain Relief Through Cold Compression


Patients often turn to heat therapy for relief from chronic pain, which is a great option to help with injuries or on-going pain from arthritis or other health-related pain issues. And, heat therapy also often is associated with comfort: With heat therapy, patients think about curling up with a warm…

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Athletic Trainers Give Insight Into Profession

  In our own way to celebrate National Athletic Training Month – which is designed to spread awareness about the important work of Athletic Trainers – we wanted to ask those professionals for insight into what they do and why they do it. We wanted to know why Athletic Trainers…

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Most Common Sports Injuries for Fall Sports

Gel Pack

If you’ve grown up playing sports or have kids who do, you’ve probably had personal experience with sports injuries. According to the organization Stop Sports Injuries (a joint collaboration of various orthopaedic medical associations), high school athletes alone account for “two million injuries, 500,000 doctor visits and over 30,000 hospitalizations…

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Why Ice Packs Aren’t the Only Answer to Injury Recovery

When an athlete gets injured, ice packs are usually the first treatment an athletic trainer will use. Have you ever wondered why? Why Ice Packs Are Used Ice packs bring cold to the area of the body that is injured. When an acute injury occurs, the blood vessels dilate, causing…

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How To Reduce Swelling

The Emotional Toll of Physical Injury

When your body swells after an injury, it’s trying to protect and begin repairing the damaged area. Swelling is essentially a collection of fluid in the body part that has been injured. The swelling itself is caused by increased white blood cells, as well as other fluids and chemicals that enlarge…

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The Fastest Road To Recovery

Using Cold Compression Wraps For Shoulder Injuries It can be a long and tedious process to regain full health after a shoulder injury. Dislocated shoulder recovery often takes a few months of focused care and scheduled therapy. For athletes, among others, finding the fastest road to recovery is the ideal…

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