PowerPlay Gears Up For NATA

As a member of the National Athletic Trainers Association since our official release at the 2012 NATA Expo, PowerPlay looks forward to attending this captivating and authoritative show each year. We are excited to make a big impact at this year’s show next month in St. Louis – our fourth…

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Recovering From ACL Surgery

  An ACL tear, (or anterior cruciate ligament tear) is a fairly common yet devastating injury for athletes. Tears can happen for a number of reasons – changing direction rapidly, stopping suddenly, landing from a jump incorrectly, or colliding with another athlete. It is possible to recover from this injury…

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Conditioning the Dynamic Pitcher

By Kyle Boddy, Owner, Driveline Baseball At Driveline Baseball, we see a lot of pitchers who are in the late stages of rehabilitation from surgery or serious injury. Our facility and training methods are well known for not embracing the use of passive ice or cold therapy; in fact, we…

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PTs Make a PowerPlay for Patient Recovery

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS), in 2012, more than 1.9 million people experienced a sports-related injury that was treated in an emergency department. Among individuals over the age of 25, the sports that experience the highest rates include: Bicycling – 126.5…

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Show Us How You Use PowerPlay!

This November we are running our social media photo contest! We’re asking our users to post their photos using PowerPlay to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, tag us and use #FixWhatHurts. The winner will receive a free wrap of their choice! Each photo is a new entry – the more photos…

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5 Questions with Dr. Nicole Dorholt, DPT

Q:  What was your path to becoming a Physical Therapist, and why did you choose this career? A:  It’s funny how I ended up here.  I was living in Japan planning to return to the states and start college.  I was having a discussion with my Aunt who was visiting…

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5 Questions with Leander Walker, ATC

Leaner Walker talks about Athletic Training, athletic injuries, and recovery systems.

  Q:  What was your path to becoming an Athletic Trainer, and why did you choose this career? A:  I was a former three-sport athlete and came from a family that was consumed with athletics from coaching to playing.  I graduated from a high school that didn’t have an Athletic…

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5 Questions With Dan Newman, ATC

5 Questions with Dan Newman, ATC

  Q: What was your path to becoming an Athletic Trainer, and why did you choose this career? A: My path to athletic training was not typical in the sense that I wasn’t an athlete who sustained a career-ending injury and worked with an AT, but it was a common one;…

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5 Questions With Casey Paulk, ATC

  Q: What was your path to becoming an Athletic Trainer, and why did you choose this career? A: I chose athletic training as career for many reasons. I suffered a hamstring injury at a summer baseball camp before my senior year of high school. This was my first significant injury…

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Product Review by Ben Towne, MA, ATC

Ankle Wrap Soccer

We were flattered to have recently been reviewed by Certified Athletic Trainer Benjamin Towne on his blog, which you can find here. Below is his product review: By Benjamin Towne, MA, ATC Earlier this month, I was contacted to complete a product review for PowerPlay Portable Cold & Compression systems.  I replied…

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