The Fastest Road To Recovery

Using Cold Compression Wraps For Shoulder Injuries

It can be a long and tedious process to regain full health after a shoulder injury. Dislocated shoulder recovery often takes a few months of focused care and scheduled therapy. For athletes, among others, finding the fastest road to recovery is the ideal choice. In order to maximize the recovery process there are a few important steps to be taken.

The shoulder is an incredibly mobile part of the body and can be moved in almost any direction. Although there are many obvious benefits to this mobility, the shoulder can often easily pop out of place because of its natural flexibility. This makes dislocated shoulders one of the most common injuries found in America. In fact, as high as 20 percent of all sports-related injuries involve the shoulder.

A shoulder injury is a uniquely debilitating injury, restricting many common arm movements and limiting the ability of a patient to complete daily tasks. Thankfully, the natural healing process for a dislocated shoulder can be shortened by 7-14 days through the application of a cold compression therapy wrap to the injured area.



How Cold Compression Therapy Works

Cold Compression Therapy accelerates the body’s natural healing process by increasing blood flow while reducing both pain and swelling. The compression wrap is snugly positioned around the injured area, then the pump is activated. Intermittent pneumatic compression is initiated, and the process of swelling and pain reduction begins. It is recommended that a patient continue to use a cold compression wrap until a significant reduction in swelling is evident.

The goal of a cold compression wrap for a shoulder injury is to optimize and ultimately decrease recovery time. Dislocated shoulder recovery typically takes 3-4 months to complete. This process can be reduced 7-14 days by using a cold compression wrap and engaging in a intermittent pneumatic compression process.

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Why Use Cold Compression Therapy?

Cold compression therapy goes a step beyond an ice pack. With a compression wrap, the shoulder is fully enclosed and every part of the shoulder joint is being affected. Active compression helps to diminish pain by dulling nerve endings and reaching areas that an ice pack doesn’t reach. Cold compression therapy works to assist the body in it’s natural healing process.



For athletes, there is simply no better or faster road to recovery. There are few methods with more proven health benefits for shoulder injuries than cold compression. The wraps are easy to apply and can be administered without difficulty.If you’re ready to give a cold compression wrap for shoulder injuries a try, check out today!