Certified Athletic Trainers join NATA for a range of reasons, including professional development opportunities, subscription to their award-winning publications, open online access to NATA’s scholarship, and much more. Since 1950, NATA has supported Certified Athletic Trainers nationwide, and now boasts a membership of 39,000. As their mission statement claims, “By joining forces as a group, NATA members can accomplish more for the athletic training profession than they can individually.”

NATA defines Certified Athletic Trainers as health care professionals who collaborate with members of the medical field to support and care for athletes. NATA-affiliated Certified Athletic Trainers benefit from the wealth of reliable, factual advice and respected information available through print and online resources.  Members also have access to the digital NATA Career Center, where they can post jobs as well as search for job openings and volunteer opportunities nationwide—and across the globe.

NATA recognizes its members as leaders in the Athletic Training profession. As such, membership includes direct support and advocacy from the NATA Board of Directors, lobbyists, and members who make up the NATA Governmental Affairs committee, which recognizes that regulation within the Athletic Training profession is critical­, dynamic, and largely political.

Perhaps the most valuable attribute of their membership is access to their Online Membership Directory, an up-to-date e-resource. They boast a broad social media presence, from Facebook to YouTube to LinkedIn and beyond. Furthermore, it’s easy for members to give back:  NATA offers constant updates from committees, councils, project teams, and think tanks. From publishing the latest scholarship in in the Athletic Training world to connecting professionals around the globe, NATA cares for its members in myriad ways.

PowerPlay launched at the 2012 NATA Expo and has been a proud member and supporter ever since.

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