PowerPlay Elbow Wrap


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Designed to combine the benefits of cold and compression therapy, PowerPlay’s elbow wrap is ideal for post-surgical application. In addition, cold therapy compression wraps are a great treatment to use in physical therapy or in an athletic training program to help reduce edema and decrease pain. Use this wrap with the PowerPlay compression pump  and the contoured reusable gel pack  to combine the benefits of intermittent pneumatic compression with cold therapy. This wrap is available in a universal size and can fit either the right or left elbow. In fact, this wrap will also work on the right or left knee.

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This elbow wrap is manufactured from a plush foam laminate with Velcro closure straps, removable gel pack with tricot lining, and a non-toxic gel. To clean this wrap, close all contact closures and hand wash in warm water with mild soap. Do not use high temperatures to wash or dry, and be sure to air-dry after wash. 

PowerPlay pump sold separately. 

Here are a few reasons to utilize the elbow warp: 

  • Elbow replacement: Elbow replacement surgery takes about three months to heal and could require physical therapy following the operation. During physical therapy, cold compression treatment can help with pain and swelling that is common in recovery. 
  • Interposition arthroplasty: There are times a doctor will recommend interposition arthroplasty to treat elbow arthritis. During this surgery, a surgeon will place new soft tissue between damaged surfaces of the elbow joint. The soft tissue forms a false joint, taking away pain and can increase movement. The PowerPlay elbow wrap is helpful during the recovery of this type of surgery. 
  • Tommy John Surgery: Tommy John Surgery is commonly used to repair a torn ulnar collateral ligament inside the elbow by replacing it with another tendon from somewhere else within the body. This surgery will help stabilize the elbow and reduce or eliminate pain and restore stability and range of motion. During the recovery process, the PowerPlay pump and elbow wrap can help eliminate pain and swelling. 
  • Cycling elbow or tennis elbow pain: Athletes aren’t strangers to repetitive motion that can often cause pain. Between workouts, try applying intermittent cold compression therapy as part of the recovery process will simulate healing while decreasing pain and swelling.

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