1. What different compression wraps do you offer?

Our wraps choices include: Ankle, Knee, 360˚ Knee, Hip, Elbow, Shoulder, Wrist and Back as well as Calf Massager Sleeves.


2. Can I use my compression wrap without cold?

Yes – simply remove the gel pack to use the wrap with compression only.


3. Can I bill the joint wraps to insurance as orthotics?

The wraps are billable as CPT 97016 for reimbursement from Medicare, private insurance and workers’ comp. If training a patient in a Physical Therapy clinic on PowerPlay for home use, CPT 97760 “orthotic management training” can be used. CPT 97535 “self-care home management may also be used. Vasopneumatic compression is also reimbursed by many insurance carriers.


4. Are the PowerPlay joint wraps PDAC approved?

The wraps are not PDAC approved yet.


5. What types of injuries are treated with the PowerPlay wraps?

The PowerPlay cold compression wraps can be used to treat a variety of injuries, including ACL injuries, MCL injuries, meniscus tears, knee replacement, tendonitis, rotator cuff repair, dislocated shoulder, Achilles tendon ruptures or tears, plantar fasciitis, sprains, strains, fractures, bursitis, hip replacement, restless leg syndrome and more. The PowerPlay system is designed to help you recover faster, i.e. helping reduce ACL surgery recovery time. Click here to see which compression wrap is right for you.


6. What are the cold compression wraps made out of?

The PowerPlay joint wraps are made of a plush foam laminate and are latex-free.


7. How do you clean the PowerPlay wraps?

You can clean the wraps with 3% hydrogen peroxide. Do not submerge in water or machine-wash, as this may result in water passing through the hose and into the pump when connected. For complete cleaning instructions, click here.


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