Conditioning the Dynamic Pitcher

Baseball Pitchers receive effective treatment from PowerPlay cold and compression

By Kyle Boddy, Owner, Driveline Baseball

At Driveline Baseball, we see a lot of pitchers who are in the late stages of rehabilitation from surgery or serious injury. Our facility and training methods are well known for not embracing the use of passive ice or cold therapy; in fact, we push the use of active recovery and electrical muscle stimulation immediately post-throwing. However, there are many trainees who have excessive swelling of the elbow or shoulder due to trauma from surgery that continue to reoccur. In these cases, we turn to the Powerplay cold compression system. The use of compression and cold therapy in a comfortable sleeve is a HUGE addition. By having waves of pressure move over the affected body part, the ice can be maximally effective without causing local skin cold burns.

Pitcher using PowerPlay shoulder wrap to recover from injury faster

The Powerplay system is also effective in combination with EMS units like a Compex or Marc Pro. By stimulating the muscle underneath the cold compressive sleeve of the Powerplay, you can see accelerated results in injured pitchers who need help both managing swelling as well as clearing local waste products from the body.

Ice is primarily useful to reduce secondary metabolic damage in local areas, and this is where the Powerplay shines. By maintaining a constant cold temperature without melting ice and condensation, the Powerplay compression sleeves are extremely efficient.

Many of our pros will return to their organizations and forgo the use of passive ice, turning to the Powerplay Shoulder Wrap and Elbow Wrap instead once they see the huge benefits of adding compression to their cold therapy!



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