PowerPlay 360 Knee Wrap


*Pump not included * This premium knee wrap is ideal for post-surgical application or as part of a physical therapy or athletic training program to reduce edema, pain, and even help reduce ACL surgery recovery time. Use with the PowerPlay™ Compression Pump  and the contoured reusable gel pack  to combine the benefits of intermittent pneumatic compression with cold therapy.

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This knee wrap is available in a universal size that fits either the left or right knee. For maximum comfort, the 360* wrap is manufactured from plush foam laminate with Velcro closure tabs, removable gel pack with tricot lining, and non-toxic gel. To clean, hand wash in warm water with mild soap and air-dry. Do not use high temperatures to wash or dry.

PowerPlay pump sold separately.

Here are reasons to utilize this wrap: 

  • ACL injuries and ACL surgical recovery: Help reduce swelling and increase maximum comfort by soothing an ACL injury with cold compression technology. Properly using this wrap can also increase ACL surgery recovery time. 
  • Meniscus tears: Pain and swelling in the knee paired with locking joints are signs of a meniscus tear. Often, this type of injury does not require surgery and can be treated with over-the-counter medication, cryotherapy, and intermittent compression. 
  • Tendonitis: When a tendon is inflamed, it causes discomfort and can prevent you from doing the activities you love most. This injury is typically caused by repetitive motion, but can be treated with rest and cold therapy. 
  • Pain Management: One in four Americans suffer from knee pain (https://acl.gov/news-and-events/news/one-four-adults-suffers-chronic-knee-pain) which can sometimes be attributed to former injuries or osteoarthritis. By applying pneumatic compression and cold therapy, it can help alleviate pain. 
  • Knee Replacement: Recovering from a TKA can require physical therapy, lots of recovery time, and pain management. So, finding ways to reduce pain, swelling, and stimulate recovery between therapy sessions can help with faster recovery and you or your patient be more comfortable.  
  • Collateral ligament injuries: Stretched or torn ligaments are common sports injuries and, depending on severity, can take anywhere from three to 12 weeks to heal. Intermittent compression and cryotherapy can help with recovery while easing pain.

For more information, view the Instructions For Use.

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Dimensions 12 × 9 × 4 in

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