Project 90: A Running Revolution


When I saw Gearhead Outfitters starting a program called Project 90 the shivers and chills made their way through my body when I heard echoes of Shaun T and Tony Horton’s voices awaken from my memory. Anytime I see the letter “P” with the number “90” I think of the fitness juggernaut Beachbody.

They are the company responsible for Power 90 (P90), Power 90 Extreme (P90X), Insanity, ChaLEAN Extreme, Body Beast, etc. Appropriately named, the workout programs are insane, extreme, and beastly. Can this running revolution program be as intense? If so, bring it!

I’ve been running for a little over three years now. I have had highs and lows like other runners. I’ve put in miles in the heat and cold. I’ve done short distances and long distances. I’ve experienced the road, track, and trails. I’ve dealt with injuries, mainly because of my stupidity, but we won’t comment further on that. I’d like to be able to run forever and hopefully without injury.


Ted cruising to a 2013 Ouachita Trail 50-mile win.

Ted came to one of my running club meetings last fall. He was talking about changing the way you run. It would make you more efficient, reduce injury and it wouldn’t put unnecessary strains on your body. There are tons of runners, coaches, and experts that claim to know the “right” way to run. Would Ted’s method passed to him from Tim DeBoom, two-time Ironman World Champion, be any different? Why trust him?

I was familiar with Ted’s endurance résumé before our official meeting. I’m weird like that. To make it sound less creepy, I’ll say I’m informed. I’ve seen this guy win races with ease and drive back home and probably go to work. How many people do you know have the honor of being called a Leadman? The compilation of events he’s done is enough to convince me to at least give it a try.

Trying something new can be tough. I’m not different than anyone else when it comes to skepticism and stubbornness. After talking with Erik Heller, a friend and unofficial guinea pig of the program, I was convinced to give it a go. There you have it. I’m in!

The program starts July 7 and ends October 5. Similar to most running training programs, there is a graduation event. It’s called The Endurance Challenge. The event will be held at Craighead Park and it can last up to 12 hours. The course will be a 2.5-mile loop, but the twist is you have 30 minutes to do the loop each time. Which strategy do you use to complete the most laps? Do you maintain an even pace or run as fast as you can and rest until the next loop begins?


I’ll be posting here at least bi-weekly about how the program is going. Feel free to engage here or on the PowerPlay Facebook and Twitter pages. If the posts stop happening, I’m blaming Ted and Erik! I’m not kidding!