Recognizing A Value


The most cost effective cold and compression

By Pro Triathlete Jessica Meyers

I was meeting with an athlete I coach and we were discussing power meters and different equipment.  He was trying to find the most cost effective option and finally I just told him that the fact is this is an expensive sport and you’re going to spend some money.  Even as a professional when everyone thinks everything is paid for, it’s just not the case.  What you have to figure out is what is worth the cost for you.  Now, feel free to email, facebook, or tweet me and I’ll give you the “worth it” or “not worth it.”  Or like the magazine, “which is better,” I have been through so many products that I can give you my feedback.

Now with that said I have harped many times about the importance of recovery and health.  I can’t begin to explain what a game changer it was when I first started using a compression pump.  When people asked if it was worth it, I told them it was worth its weight in gold.  This year was the first time in my professional career (minus my hiatus after having the twins) that I was dealing with an acute injury and a lot of time on the sidelines.  PowerPlay was again a game changer.  By adding cold to the compression pump it greatly reduced the time I was out of training.  And while you are more likely to get injured when you’re coming back from an injury, PowerPlay eliminated the little “niggles” associated with ramping up training.  Bottom-line, PowerPlay kept little problems from becoming big problems.

Now, let’s talk about price.  PowerPlay is the most cost effective product of its kind.  With that said, it’s kind of like the power meter I was talking about earlier.  You are going to have to pay some money.  Is it worth it? Absolutely!  Further, when I was injured earlier this year I spent money on doctors, physical trainers, chiropractors, massage — and the time it took me to get to all these people.  It was stressful and expensive!  Now, I’m not saying that PowerPlay can keep you from getting injured.  But what I am saying is that as an endurance athlete it can greatly reduce your chances of an overuse injury.  And if you are dealing with an acute or overuse injury currently it can reduce your time on the sidelines.  And this, in turn, keeps you from running around town visiting anyone and everyone to help you get over a full blown injury.

So with the holidays right around the corner, I cannot recommend enough what an excellent gift this would be!  I promise it will make your athlete happy!