PowerPlay™ Partners with the National Booster Club Training Council

PowerPlay Knee Wrap



PowerPlay™, manufacturer and distributor of the most-cost-effective, portable cold and compression sports therapy system, is proud to announce its partnership with the National Booster Club Training Council, an organization dedicated to the growth and support of school booster clubs. PowerPlay will be working with NBCTC and its members to promote the use of cold and compression therapy to help athletes quickly recover from injuries or surgeries and get back out on the field or court faster. PowerPlay will provide a grant program enabling vendor partners to provide cold and compression kits to high school athletic programs around the country.


The PowerPlay device works with site wraps with freezable gel inserts to aid in RICE therapy (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) anywhere with no mess. The PowerPlay’s three ports provide the flexibility for multiple joint or muscle therapy for up to three athletes, improving circulation to reduce swelling, soreness and fatigue. Weighing just less than one pound, the PowerPlay can be used on the road, during a sporting event, in the training room or at home.


PowerPlay is being used by collegiate and high school athletic programs across the country including but not limited to The University of Oklahoma, Bucknell, Oklahoma State University, Union High School in Tulsa, and Kingwood High School, TX.  “As athletic organizations continue to try to operate in the most efficient manner, we are pleased to offer athletic departments the most affordable joint relief and muscle recovery product on the market, helping athletes get back in the game faster,” said Chris Mahoney, National Sales Director.


The PowerPlay was developed by the founders of Compression Solutions, manufacturers of the Triple Play VT®, a DVT prevention and post-surgical cold and compression medical device.  The PowerPlay was adapted specifically for athletes and athletic trainers.



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