Rental Procedure

By renting equipment from PowerPlay Cold & Compression Therapy, you accept that the equipment is in good, functional condition at the time received.

  1. All rentals are payment in advance, beginning on the effective date, by credit card. Cash and/or checks will not be accepted.
  2. All rentals of PowerPlay Cold & Compression products are for one (1) month, and may be extended for additional weeks thereafter.
  3. Once the renter has paid the full retail purchase price of the product, the renter would own the product.
  4. The rental must be scheduled 2 business days in advance so that there is adequate time to ship the product.
  5. The product will arrive on or before the rental start date.
  6. Each rental shipment will include a postage-paid return envelope for return of pump unit. (The joint wrap may be kept by the renter.)
  7. The rental item must be posted for return by one (1) business day after end date of its established rental
  8. If the rental item is not posted for return by one (1) business day after the end date of the established rental period, the renter will be reminded by email the following day that the product must be returned or a penalty will be charged.
  9. The rental extension charges occur every 7 days following the established end date of the rental period.
  10. Rental extension charges are $50.00 for every 7 days the item is late.
  11. Once the renter has been charged the total published retail cost of the product, the renter will then own the product.


Rental Terms and Conditions

  1. The renter agrees to pay the rental rate for the period the merchandise is rented.
  2. The renter further agrees to promptly return the merchandise at the end of the rental period in the same condition as
  3. The renter agrees to pay for any damages to, or loss of, the rented merchandise occurring during their time of possession, or during return shipping if not packaged in PowerPlay-supplied return envelope.
  4. A full-week rental is charged, even for a partial weeks used. There are no refunds for early returns. The renter agrees to pay the regular rate for each week that the merchandise is in his possession and until it is returned to PowerPlay.
  5. PowerPlay assumes no responsibility for damage or other liability of any kind resulting from the use or malfunction of the equipment. The renter agrees that PowerPlay liability is limited to a refund of the actual RENTAL Charge ONLY.


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