1. How does the PowerPlay system compare to Game Ready?

We compare very favorably to any cold and compression system, including Game Ready. The advantages we offer are portability, convenient setup and fantastic pricing in several customizable kit types. PowerPlay works with a handheld compression pump that connects to a wide variety of joint wraps and uses re-freezable gel packs, eliminating heavy, messy ice and water. The three ports allow for treatment for up to three athletes or patients at a time. PowerPlay is also billable for vasopneumatic compression, which is still paid by many plans.

2. How does the PowerPlay system deliver cold?

Each PowerPlay joint wrap comes with a removable gel pack that can either be cooled or heated. You can freeze them, refrigerate them, put them in an ice chest, or even microwave them – all depending on your temperature preference and what is most convenient for you at the time so PowerPlay can go wherever you go.

3. How long does it take for the gel pack to freeze, and how long does it stay cold after being applied?

The gel pack takes about one hour to freeze the first time, and should stay cool while in use for about 30 minutes. We recommend using cold for one treatment cycle (20 minutes) then putting the gel pack back in the freezer while a second treatment is applied without cold. This process can then be repeated. Additional gel packs may be purchased in order to rotate in the freezer/refrigerator for continuous cold. For complete instructions on cooling and heating the gel packs click here.

4. How cold do the gel packs get?

The PowerPlay gel packs work just as well as any cold therapy system. Depending on the method you choose to cool your gel pack, it can get as cold as 17˚ F. It is important to always use a protective barrier between the gel pack and your skin as to avoid any tissue damage. You may also choose to let the gel pack sit at room temperature for a few minutes before applying. “Therapeutic cold” has been shown to be between 40 and 60 degrees F, so you may prefer a gel pack from the refrigerator or ice chest as opposed to a freezer.

5. How long does the battery last after a full charge?

The compression pump battery will run for about 4-6 hours on a full charge, depending on how many ports are connected during treatments. The battery will re-charge in about 1-2 hours.

6. Can you use the pump as it’s being charged?


7. How long is a treatment cycle?

One treatment cycle runs for 20 minutes, and each port is programmed to run on its own cycle individually from the others. After the cycle is complete, the pump will automatically shut down, at which point you may choose to re-start another cycle with, or without the cold gel pack.

8. How do you put on the wraps?

Please click here to view instructions for all of our products.

9. Does each wrap come with a fitted gel pack?

Yes, each wrap is sold with its own gel pack. Additional gel packs may also be purchased.

10. How do you use the pump with more than one wrap?

You may connect wraps to each of the three ports on the PowerPlay pump. Press the “set pressure” button associated with each wrap to activate the port and set to the desired pressure. You may connect a second or third wrap to the pump at any point in the treatment cycle, and each wrap will operate on its own cycle.

11. What are the pump’s pressure settings?

The pressure settings begin at 50 mmHg, and increase in increments of 5 mmHg each time the “set pressure” button is pressed, up to 70 mmHg.

12. What is your warranty policy?

We have the best warranty policy available with free replacement of any PowerPlay product within the first year, should anything go wrong. You can find our complete warranty policy here. Please be sure to register your PowerPlay kit or wrap through this page so you will be in our system should you have any problems with your products.


* Knight, Kenneth and Draper, David; Therapeutic Modalities, 2008

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