“The PowerPlay cryotherapy system is a great product that combines cryotherapy and compression in an affordable and easy to use package.  Having the ability to use a system that can use a gel freeze pack, instead of ice, is much more convenient to us at Champion Physical Therapy and Performance.  Our patients love how cold the unit gets and how the compression helps with their swelling.  We have been really pleased with the Powerplay and couldn’t recommend it enough.”

     – Mike Reinold, DPT, SCS, ATC, CSCS 


“As a professional Beach Volleyball player, I have frequent shoulder pain. I have been using PowerPlay for recovery and it’s a great product which I recommend. It is easy to use and also compact so I can take it with me when traveling to tournaments around the world.”

     – Yael Yellin Sedbon, Professional Beach Volleyball Player, Israel National Team


“The PowerPlay Ice Compression system has been huge for rehabilitation at Driveline Baseball. We have long been opponents of passive icing solutions for injured athletes, but the PowerPlay wraps have been huge for guys coming off of surgery or local trauma events causing swelling. By combining variable compression and cold therapy, reducing secondary metabolic damage and reducing swelling in the short-term helps manage the symptoms and get the athlete ready to recover faster. It’s been a gamechanger for us in the baseball field!”

     – Kyle Boddy, President and Founder of Driveline Baseball


“I wouldn’t be able to compete so well as an all-around athlete without PowerPlay’s portable recovery devices. They go with me everywhere.”

     – Evan Weinstock, Team USA Bobsledding & Decathlon


“The therapists and Athletic Trainers I work with love PowerPlay because it’s easy to use, and it’s effective in decreasing pain and swelling.”

     – Mike Perkins, ATC, CES, PES


“When people asked if [PowerPlay] was worth it, I told them it was worth its weight in gold.  This year was the first time in my professional career (minus my hiatus after having the twins) that I was dealing with an acute injury and a lot of time on the sidelines.  PowerPlay was again a game changer.  By adding cold to the compression pump it greatly reduced the time I was out of training.  And while you are more likely to get injured when you’re coming back from an injury, PowerPlay eliminated the little “niggles” associated with ramping up training.  Bottom-line, PowerPlay kept little problems from becoming big problems.”

     – Jessica Meyers, Pro Traithlete


“It’s just as important as my ski boots. I literally don’t go anywhere without it.”

     – Patrick Deneen, Professional Freestyle Skier and US Olympian


“I had a knee injury patient that had a 13cm swelling difference between the injured and non-injured knee. I used PowerPlay on him and within 24 hours the difference in swelling had been reduced from 13cm to a 3cm difference. That’s nothing short of a miracle in my profession.”

     – Nicole Dorholt, DPT


“The PowerPlay battery and ice compression pack unit continues to be an important part of treating my tennis elbow problem. I use the PowerPlay unit twice per day, every day, and have done so for just over a year. If I did not have the unit, I believe my tennis playing days per week would be much less frequent, or not at all. The PowerPlay is an integral part of managing my sore elbow and I’m very glad to have the unit.”

     – Del Snoberger, customer


“The PowerPlay Cryotherapy System has helped me recover so many times. Whether it’s the shoulder wrap for helping with my right shoulder pain from overuse or strength building, or the ankle wrap to help with inflammation from injury or pain due to my custom orthotics in my shoes not having enough padding, I can count on PowerPlay Cryotherapy System to get me back to 100% as quickly as possible and cut down the time or completely eliminate my need for prescription pain pills.”

     – Jordan Smelley, customer, athlete

Restless Leg Syndrome

“I have suffered from restless leg syndrome for many years and the PowerPlay calf massage system is the only thing that has made a difference. I use it in the evening or when I am not active and it instantly relieves my RLS discomfort.”
     – Sandy C, customer


“I use the PowerPlay calf massage wraps every night before bed for my RLS. My symptoms have dramatically decreased and I am able to sleep better than ever.”
     – Allison F, customer


“The leg wraps really help me with restless legs. I have been trying all kinds of remedies, but this is the only thing that works every time.”
     – Ted H, customer

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